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Related article: Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 01:46:16 PST From: Rod Blake Subject: Adventures in Ft Wayne 2 - GM RelationshipsAdventures in Fort Wayne by Rod B. Lake (Fiction based upon autobiographical experiences with names and dates changed and events combined for brevity.) Chapter 2 - Chills & ThrillsI threw on my clothes, tousled my still-wet hair into a semblance of normalcy, grabbed my keys and raced outside for the car.Damn, it was cold. I tell you, northeastern Indiana is not the most balmy place to live in the middle of winter. I climbed into my car and started it up.After it had warmed up, I pulled out of the driveway and headed for Fort Wayne. I had 10 minutes to get to Henry's Bar and Grille to meet Cal or I'd be late.Let's see. I live in Albion - about 30 miles north of Fort Wayne. I figure if I speed, I could get to Henry's in a little over a half hour. Shit, if I was ever on time, Cal would have a heart attack.As I was turning down State Road 9 onto US 33 toward Ft. Wayne - the half way point - I started flipping the radio to different stations, 96.3, WMEE, classical ... they all sucked. I fumbled into my passenger seat through the scattered CDs and popped one in without looking at the title.My car's CD player was on random play. I quickly realized it was Pansy Division's "Pile Up." My friend Dan gave it to me right before he moved to California.I started singing along with the songs. One, a takeoff of a song from the musical "Hair."I was singing at the top of my lungs to C.S.F., "I'm a cock sucking faggot, a flaming faggot ..." I started giggling. The song reminded me of Dan back in college at Ball State.Dan was the president of Bbs Lolitas the lesbian and gay student group, president of the student democrats (I was a republican back then) and president or vice president Bbs Lolitas of about 5 other groups -- he was pretty popular on campus for an openly gay guy. I met him when I was in student government. I was the vice president of the student body and Dan would come visit my office occasionally asking for support for various gay causes.Back then I was "straight" and totally afraid of being around gay people. I didn't think I was gay. I honestly thought my interest in other men was admiration - or wishful thinking that I could be more like them.I grew up in a small town and the only gay people I had ever seen were on TV and they all had AIDS or were something to be pitied or made fun of. I was none of those things.All throughout high school and college, I dated and had sex with girls. The girls seemed to like me. In hindsight - most likely because I liked to cuddle and talk more than have sex. And when I did have sex I felt detached. Sex with girls was like a challenge. It was a contest for me to see how fast I could make them come ... so we could go back to cuddling. That's where I learned how to fake orgasms.Yes, guys can fake orgasms. As long as your partner can't see your lack of ejaculate, you can fake it.Well, back to Bbs Lolitas Dan. One day Dan came to the student government office during my Saturday office hours and looked frantic. I asked him what was wrong.It turned out a group of college guys in masks with baseball bats had attacked a gay party the night before and a couple of the gay and lesbians were hurt."Did you call the police?" I askedDan looked at me with this intense fury, "Of course, but then they came and told us to disperse or we'd all be taken to jail.""What?" I couldn't believe this. "Didn't they even ask for a description of the attackers?""No," Dan continued like he had told the story a dozen times. "They wouldn't even come near us or get medical attention. One of my friends had 3 broken ribs and they didn't care. I had to call 911 twice before an ambulance came - and then the EMTs were wearing Bbs Lolitas rubber gloves and face masks. There wasn't any blood, just bumps bruises and my friend's broken ribs. They were treating us like lepers."As Dan was telling me this, I couldn't help but notice him. He was a tall skinny guy with dark hair and pale eyes and skin. Not attractive at first glance. But once he started talking this charisma from hell kicked in. and his eyes would sparkle from gray to green to blue as he talked. His enthusiasm was contagious. I found myself being motivated by him; persuaded to take up his cause.I promised Dan I would do whatever I could. He smiled a crooked smile at me and thanked me. "It probably won't do any good, but thanks for listening," he told me a reached out to shake my hand.I grabbed his hand, he had a firm handshake. As he walked away I couldn't help but think that last night the city's emergency workers wouldn't have dared touch Dan's bare hand. He walked away from me with a confident stride of a man who was as peace with the world.I found myself admiring him.Anyway, that week, at the student government agenda meeting, I brought up Dan's story to the student government executives. I couldn't believe the response. It ranged from disinterest, to open hostility. One guy - someone I thought of as a good friend - even expressed dismay that he wasn't invited to the smear the queer game. I sat through the rest of the meeting disgusted with my "colleagues."Later I called Dan to tell him what had happened, but he wasn't home. I got his room mate instead. She told me he wasn't home."Do you know where I can find him?" I asked.She sounded amused. "Why? Are you some new boyfriend of his?""No," I almost choked. "I am just a friend I need to talk to him about a problem he came to me about.""Oh," she said, "that's too bad. Ever since Matt broke up with him last year he hasn't even dated anyone. And you have a cute voice. He's at the Student Center food court at the gay group executive meeting.""Um. Thanks," I said.Before I could hang up Dan's room mate got in one last request. "Hey, if you're not seeing anyone, think about asking Dan out. He's a real sweetie once you get past all that go-gettem gay activist professional student leader crap.""Uh, sure ... I gotta go. Bye." I hung up. That was weird. Did I sound gay on the phone? I hoped not.Well, Dan was in the Student Center. Good; so was I. The food court was just a floor away, I left to find him.As I entered the food court, I saw Dan in the far corner surrounded by papers and boxes. I walked over to him. "Are you too busy to talk," I asked."No," He said, then pointed to an empty seat. "Plenty of room for guests."I told him about the bad results of the meeting. He shook his head and told me that he was not surprised. But that the attack had never happened before at one of his parties and he planned another party that next weekend and had a little something special planned if the guys with the masks came back."Jesus, do you throw a party every weekend?" I asked."No," he explained. "Last week was my 20th birthday party. This upcoming week is our Halloween party. Halloween is a national gay holiday you know.""Really?" I asked.He laughed. "No, but it seems like it." His smiling eyes more than made up for the lop-sided smirk his mouth made. "There are plenty of straight people coming too. You can come if you want - bring your girlfriend.""I dunno," I said, looking for a good excuse to back out."You're not afraid of a few gay people are you? It'll be fun. Besides, as a student leader, you can meet a whole group of student you're supposed to represent.""Sure," I said before I could stop myself. "Why not?'Dan handed my a photocopied invitation and directions.* * *The week went by fast. I was invited to other Halloween parties, but for some reason, I turned them all down saying I was going to stay home and study for a poly sci test. I couldn't stop thinking about Dan's party.Whenever I masturbated those next few days, I kept picturing Dan unzipping my pants and sucking my dick. Holy God, I'm turning queer, I thought. I was getting scared and excited. Maybe I should back out of the party.When the day of the party came around I was really looking for an excuse to back out. My phone rang and I picked it up without thinking. "Hello?""Hi Rod, it's me Dan," said the voice on the other line."Hi Dan, what's up?""Well, my Halloween party tonight. I was just calling you to tell you you didn't have to Bbs Lolitas come if you didn't want to," Dan said."Why? Don't you want me there?" I asked."Sure, but I thought you may be chickening out what with all the queers and stuff.""I'm not afraid of you guys. What time should I bee there?""The party starts at 9 p.m." Dan answered. "But I don't expect people to start arriving until 9:30 or 10.""I'll be there at 9:30." I said. "Bye." And set the phone back down.Shit. Now I needed to find a costume. Luckily my room mate, Randy, was in the school musical, Phantom of the Opera as the Phantom. I thought I could wear his costume with some alterations and go as Zorro.Randy was out of town for the weekend. He'd never know.I put on his cape and with my white tux shirt and cummerbund. My dress slacks were too dressy. I borrowed Randy's leather pants. They were tight since Randy was a lot skinnier than me. I made a homemade mask out of a ripped up old black shirt.I checked myself out in the full-length mirror. Looking good.I didn't have a sword. Shit. Oh well, no costume is perfect.I drove over to Dan's and got there at 9:30 sharp.A plump girl dressed as a fat Madonna answered the door."Mmm. You're a hottie," she said. "Come in. You're early."I walked into the house. "Dan said the party started at 9." I protested.She tsk tsked me. "Sweetie, you've obviously never heard of Gay Standard Time. No one will show up for at least an hour - unless they want to hit the booze early."Who is it?" I heard Dan's voice from a distant room."It's some hottie dressed like Zorro with no sword in tight leather pants," the fat Madonna yelled back. "I honestly don't know who it is.""Jennifer," Dan named his room mate, "You're horrible. Let him borrow your whip and he can be Zorro the Gay Blade.""Oh that's perfect," Jennifer squealed. "I'll be right back."Dan cam out of his room. He was dressed in late 60's hippie gear and had his hair combed forward and was wearing little green-tinted sunglasses."You look exactly like John Lennon," I said. "Well, before he was shot.""Rod! I can barely recognize you. " Dan was visibly pleased. "I'm glad you could make it."Jennifer emerged from her room with a whip. "Here, this will be perfect."Dan grabbed the whip from her. "Jen, this is Rob from student government. He's straight." He looked at me. "You don't need to take the whip.""Hey," I shrugged. "It's just a costume. And it would be appropriate, given the circumstances.""OK," Dan said as he walked over to a punch bowl. "Want a drink? It's electric punch.""Sure," I grabbed a cup and drank it down. I burned. After 2 more cups, I had a nice buzz going.Right on cue people started arriving in mass at 10:30. Within 15 minutes that party went from an attendance of 3 happy drunks to 80 happy drunks dancing to club music.I noticed a lot of guys staring at me. Dan came up to me and said I was being targeted as fresh meat and that I better start tagging along with him or Jen if I didn't want to have a lot of guys start hitting on me. "Face it," Dan said. "You are a hottie all dressed in black."I giggled. "Thanks. I think I'll hang with Jen so you don't have to put up with me. Jen told me earlier that you were single and hopefully you'll get hit on if I'm not around." I winked at him. I was getting seriously drunk. And having some serious fun.I couldn't help looking at the guys. Sure some were stereotypical fags - all girly and stuff. But a lot of the guys were muscled and regular guy looking. Some I even know from other fraternities. I quietly thanked fate that I was wearing a mask.I walked over to Jen. "Dan told me you were my escort so guys would hit on me.""Oh," she raised an eyebrow. "I'm no babysitter. Unless you want to be my date for the evening.""How about we just make friends," I countered.She smiled and agreed. We went back over to the electric punch for Bbs Lolitas a refill. We talked for about an hour. I really got to like Jen and I couldn't help but notice I felt comfortable around these gay people.Then nature started calling. "Well, I gotta go to the bathroom," I excused myself from Jen's company and made way to the restroom. The line was long - real long. I didn't think I could wait.I was drunk, but thought I was inspired when an idea hit. I could go outside and go pee.I quietly made my way to the front door, which was open to let cool air into the over-crowded house. I started walking around back, found a dark place, unzipped and started to empty my too-full bladder.When I was done, I put my dick back in my underwear and started fumbling with the zipper. I heard a noise behind me. Oh my god, it was the masked guys! They think I'm gay and are going to beat me with baseball bats!Forgetting about my zipper I turn to face my attackers with my fists ready to fight. But who to I see, but Rob Ayres, with a goofy grin on his face. Rob was a member of Alpha Chi Omega and the diving team."Uh, I was looking for a place to pee," Rob said. "I see you beat me too it.""You scared me," I said trying to act all dignified.Rob looked down. "Nice underwear.""Uh, I .." I fumbled to start the zipper. The leather has shrunk in the cold Indiana autumn night chill."Hey," Rob grabbed my hand to stop me. "Don't be bashful. It'll only make matters worse. Lemme pee and I'll help you with your zipper."Before I could protest, Rob unzipped his fly, pulled out his dick and started peeing into the bushes. He shook off the last droplets of urine while looking at me. He put his penis back into his boxer, and without zipping up his jeans, started walking toward me."Now let's see when we can to here." He grabbed my hand and pulled me further into the back yard. "Let's get away from the pee bushes so no one can see."My mouth got dry and I obeyed him. We walked a small distance. Then Rob turned to face me and got down on his knees. "OK, let me look here." He started pulling my fly back together with little success. "It looks to me like these pants are too tight in the crotch, dude." He said as he patted the bulge in my underwear.I've never had another guy touch me there before - even the doctor who gave my me physicals had been a woman. Then I almost screamed in shock as Rob reached into my pants and started re-arranging the content of my pants for me."What are you doing?" I gasped - more out of shock than anything else."I'm trying to make more room so we can get you zipped up." Rob smiled looking up at me. "But it seems your cock keeps getting bigger the more I touch it." He was rubbing my gently as he spoke.I swallowed hard. "Uh, I'm not gay." I said."That's OK," Rob said. "I'll be the cock sucking faggot and you can be the straight guy who doesn't know what he's getting himself into. I like playing games," he winked at me."Really, I don't think I want to do this," I protested."Oh, but gee," Rob affected an innocent fake southern accent. "Yo words say no, but yo man membah says yes..." He continued to rub my growing dick and then leaned into me and started chewing at my hardon through my underwear.I moaned and pushed myself harder into his face. And let out a little "o" sound when his finger slid into the leg of my underwear and started stroking my balls."That's it dude," Rob said speaking into my saliva-wetted underwear. "Give in to the temptation."I grabbed onto the back of his head for support. His administrations to my crotch were making my lightheaded. "Oh god, yeah."Rob grabbed the back of my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to mid thigh. I instantly felt the cold night air on my ass. That was quickly replaced my the warmth of his hands as he used on hand on each cheek to pule me closer.His hot mouth engulfed my dick from tip to root. I could feel his lips pressing into me pubes. He pulled off me. "God you're hot." He kissed the tip of my Bbs Lolitas cock. "You've got a nice dick." He wen back to work, tonguing my shaft, then taking it all again with deep slow strokes in his mouth.I was still holding he back of his head. I didn't realize until it was almost too late that I was rhythmically thrusting into him. He pulled off again, "Yeah, it hot when you fuck my mouth. But I need to kiss you."He stood up and grabbed my still-slick dick in his right hand and started jacking me. I shuddered with pleasure. He leaned forward to kiss me. I turned away."But I'm not gay," I whispered."Dude, play time's over." He grabbed my face between his hands very gently and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I froze when he made contact.He gently nibbled at me lips as his hand traveled down my back and once again grabbed my ass. He pulled me closer and started grinding his boxer-covered dick into my exposed cock. Without thinking, I too, let me hands go to his back. They, too traveled down to his ass and I pulled him harder into me.He started kissing more passionately, tongues entwining. I started nibbling back at his lower lip. He whispered. "Pull down my pants, I need to feel you against my skin."Blindly I did as he said. I put my hands into his waistband and worked his pants and underwear over his hips and down to mid thigh. He pulled me back to him and ground his hot dick into me harder than before. I was in heaven.Rob pulled one of his hands off my ass and brought it up to his mouth. He wet his hand with spit and grabbed both our cocks and started jerking us both off in one hand. I moaned again. This was the best sexual feeling I had ever experienced. I could feel his slick hot prick sliding through his hand with mine; pressed together. I was panting and kissing him and moaning.I totally blocked out the world. I had completely forgotten I was standing in the open outside with my pants down to my thighs. I had completely forgotten that I was not gay. All I cared about at that moment was this man named Rob and his hot juicy cock being smashed together with mine. Robs spit-lubed hand jerking us off to a fast-approaching orgasm."Dude, I'm gonna cum," Rob said and looked into my eyes, pleading for permission. I shuddered with pleasure again, relieved he felt the same way as me."I'm close too," I said, kissing his neck. "I won't last 2 more strokes."With that, Rob grabbed on to our cocks with a firmer grip and started jerking faster. I hugged him to me, resting my head on his shoulder, moaning his name."Oh rob, yeah," I squeezed him tight as I started coming. I shot and his hand came up and grabbed my come and used it as additional lube and he, too started moaning and shooting his come all over the two of us.When it was over, we just stood there holding each other. He still had both our softening dicks in his hand. He kissed my neck and cleared his throat.He leaned back slightly and reached up and removed my mask. "Well, Mr. Rod Lake," He looked amused, "I'd never have thought you'd be such a hot fuck.""You can't tell anybody," I said, suddenly afraid."Oh don't worry," Rob said. "I won't be able to tell a soul as long as you keep the hot cock in my mouth.""Really?" I couldn't believe my ears. "You want to do this again?""Oh yeah," Rob said. "I want to do this again with you - about 20,000 times more" I laughed and kissed him on the nose.* * *I was jarred out of yet another recollection of Rob when I realized I had driven all the way to Henry's without remembering stopping at stop lights or taking the right exit. Don't you hate that?I looked at the clock in the car. Fuck - I was 45 minutes late. Cal was sure to be pissed. I rushed into the bar and looked for Cal. He and Brad were sitting at a booth just starting their meal.Call looked over to me and waved. "Hi Rod, just in time." He laughed. "45 minutes late on the dot."I sighed in relief and took a seat at the table and said hi to Brad and ordered a cocktail to get the night started."We're going dancing at After Dark after this," Cal said, smiling a weird smile."Yeah," Brad chimed in, "there's someone we want you to meet. Maybe it'll get your mind off that Rob guy you keep pining over.""Oh great." I ordered another drink, asking it be made a double...----------------End of Part 2------------------Like what you read? Any suggestions? E-mail me>
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